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Jona Beliu (they/them)


Is an Albanian Chef by way of the American Midwest and NYC. They have lived in NYC for most of their life while being able to travel back home yearly. Jona’s food builds upon their Albanian heritage, the different cities, states, and neighborhoods they’ve lived in. Food is an act of rebuilding lost communities and strengthening older ones. Officially, they have worked in the food industry for 9 years. Unofficially, they’ve been helping out at family restaurants since they were a kid. Jona’s worked in nearly all positions of a restaurant, they’ve studied farming and emphasize learning what it takes to get a meal on the table. They are currently Chef/Exec. For QFF and a Development Fellow at MoMA PS1. Their work and life revolve around community building and food innovation. Jona uses cooking as a means towards experimentation, revolution, and growing roots.