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Our Mission

The Queer Food Foundation’s mission is to be a nationwide resource and platform for LGBTQIA+ individuals in food. We promote, protect, and fund queer food spaces.

Read our feature on Food Tank and Better Homes & Gardens.

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Who We Are

We are a collective of queer individuals who work at all intersections of the food system — from food justice, culinary to community organizing, media, hospitality, and more.


Utilizing our network of queer food workers and chefs, we work with organizations to host and curate informative, fun, and collaborative events. If you’re interested in utilizing our networks and/or hosting an event with us, hit the link below. 

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Queer Food Fund

The Queer Food Fund is a community mutual aid resource designed to provide support to those impacted by food insecurity in the Black Queer and/or Trans community. We redistribute funds donated directly to individuals, community fridges and other food distribution spaces. This fund is completely operated by volunteer efforts through Queer Food Foundation. Food Fund Applications are currently closed.