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The Queer Food Foundation’s mission is to be a nationwide resource and platform for LGBTQIA+ individuals in food. We promote, protect, and fund queer food spaces.


There is a need for dedicated spaces for queer and LGBTQAI+ communities to gather, build community, learn from one another and find resources. Queer folks have been a critical identity serving the food industry in the US, but there has been limited representation at the larger discussions about the food industry, especially within intersectional identities. 

From farmworkers, sommeliers, media experts to waitstaff, brewers, and gardeners, we hope to fill in that gap, to begin creating a platform for queer expression in food, to advocate for more inclusive food industry spaces, and to offer all queer food workers a space to build, meet, and speak about their experiences.


We are a collective of queer individuals who work at all intersections of the food system — from food justice, culinary to community organizing, media, hospitality, and more. We are passionate about holding space for the queer community in food. We aim to share our skills, knowledge, and experiences to create a thriving, represented and intersectional food system.