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Amanda Celestino (she/hers)

Board of Directors

Is a food writer, editor, and avid home cook. After graduating from The French Culinary Institute in 2010, Amanda started working in New York City restaurants, working her way up the ranks from prep cook to sous chef. During this time, she began writing and discovered her true passion lies in food media. In 2015, Amanda became a founding member and managing editor of Edible Bronx magazine. She later co-founded food festivals and events such as The Bronx Night Market, Brewers' Dinner series, and Bronx Whiskey Club. Amanda is currently working as a recipe editor, event consultant, and freelance writer. When she’s not working at her 9-to-5, you can find her at a farmers market geeking out over seasonal produce, writing passionate letters to local political representatives, and exploring the culinary and cultural offerings of New York City.