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Mario Monte (he/him)

Advisory Board

Mario's love for food is as diverse as his background. He’s a product of two immigrant parents whose individual backgrounds lended to his love for authenticity and richness of flavor. At a young age, he would often experiment with his Italian mother in the kitchen, who taught him the essentials of simplicity and bold Italian flavors. His father however taught him the Island vibes of the Pearl of the Caribbean, Cuba. Mario is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, and it's there his food journey becomes structured and sharpened. In 2016 He partnered with Daniella Senior to Create Colada Shop, a Cuban eatery serving Cuban food, coffee and cocktails. In 2019 he partnered again with Daniella Senior to help develop the food for her dual Concept Serenata and Zumo in La Cosecha Market in the Union Market District of DC.