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a person standing in front of a fruit stand

Alex Walsh (He/Him)

Advisory Board

Alex is an anthropologist by training and is passionate about building community power and unity through food. He grew up in Connecticut where his love of food started early with seafood on beach vacations, pastina for breakfast made by Italian grandmothers, and noodle kugel at all holiday dinners. After a career as an archaeologist, he found his way to farming and food justice work while living in Central Texas. Alex has worked in all areas of the food system, from farms and farmers markets to food service and food pantries. He continues this food access work at the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, running free produce distributions across the city and conducting grassroots outreach to connect folks with food. He and his partner moved to the Steel City in 2020 to be closer to their families, and have been putting down roots ever since. You can find Alex exploring the natural wonders and foodways Western PA or at home in the kitchen singing his heart out to a classic country song.