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Morgan Stewart (She/They)

Advisory Board

Morgan Stewart is a former restaurant chef and current urban planning grad student in Buffalo, NY. Her professional passions include researching hospitality industry-supportive public policy and advocating for food entrepreneurship as a channel for community-led economic development. Some of their recent projects include a paper entitled Food Gentrification: Connections Between Restaurants, Cosmopolitanism and Social Belonging in Neighborhoods, which received an award from the American Planning Association in 2023, and a restaurant case study entitled 'Queering' Fine Dining: Alternative Hospitality Futures at New York's HAGS to be presented at the Association for the Study of Food and Society's 2023 conference. Off the clock, you'll usually find Morgan walking their dogs, reading horror novels, or sipping wine at Extra Extra Pizza and gushing to anyone within earshot about the benefits of worker co-ops.